The Anchor Run

The Anchor Run is a flat and scenic 19k covering each of the Westside's fabulous beaches.

Anchor Run 19k map

ARRR!! Have ye ever been to sea, Billy? At nearly 19k, the out-and-back run to the Anchor, a large anchor sculpture at the end of Spanish Banks Beach, is one of those great go-to runs. It’s flat, scenic and even the most navigationally-challenged land-lover would have to try pretty bloomin’ hard to get lost running it.

The Anchor at Spanish Banks
While it’s a great run on its own, the Anchor Run also offers plenty of chances to tack on extra distance, especially as runners hear UBC calling to them from atop that nice 1.8k climb up Marine Drive just beyond the Anchor itself, or if they get the urge to duck across Marine Drive on the way up the hill and onto the dirt of Salish or Admiralty trails in Pacific Spirit Park.

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  1. “Captain Dave”, I LOVED this run this morning! It was great running along the waterfront on soft terrain and it was a very satisfying run for me, in terms of it being the longest I’ve run in over two years and also I did like having to “dig deep” to finish – overall, a GREAT run for me! Cheers, Maureen

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