Pacific Spirit Park Trail Map

Pacific Spirit Park: 763 Hectares of Urban Trail Bliss.

The trails in Pacific Spirit Park bordering the UBC campus are a great place to run. Formerly referred to as the University Endowment Lands, Pacific Spirit Park is ideally located for those of us on the south shore of the Burrard Inlet to get in a quick trail fix, and with about 73k of runnable trails, according to the Metro Vancouver site, one could conceivably run the park regularly without ever doing the same route twice.

Many of the trails are open to dogs, cyclists and equestrians, so be courteous and watch out for the odd road apple. You might even see an owl or coyote.

Since I always have to hunt too much to find the map, I’m sticking the PDF of the official park map here.

For more information, check out Metro Vancouver’s official Pacific Spirit Park site, the Pacific Spirit Park Society where you’ll find a link to this interactive map and this map showing that much of park was completely logged prior to 1930, and for a bit more info and a suggested route, Vancouver Trails.

If you end up on campus and need to find your way around, click here for a map of UBC.

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