New year to start with 100K run

The BRC's resident Centurion discusses his plan to do the Double Fat Ass 100k with Province reporter, Frank Luba...

Tim Wiens getting in some last-minute stair repeats next to the Burrard Bridge in preparation for his Double Fat Ass 100k. Photograph by: Gerry Kahrmann, The Province

It’s not like Tim needs the extra pressure, but today he discusses his plans to do the Double Fat Ass with Province reporter, Frank Luba, and mentions a certain Texas 100-miler in February to boot. Check it out:

New year to start with 100K run and And you think Polar Bear swimmers are crazy.

UPDATE: The shameless self-promoter got a mention in Get Out There as well.

FURTHER UPDATE: Tim struggled with nausea but completed the 100k (102k if you count a wrong turn at UBC) in 10:48. Congratulations Tim on becoming the first person to attempt and complete the Double Fat Ass 100k. Your achievement sure makes my 3:51 in the 50k seem like a walk in the park. 😉

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