Timothy Goes to Texas

Broadway Run Club's century man talks about his upcoming trip to the Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile Endurance Run in Huntsville, Texas.

Tim Wiens (not exactly as illustrated)
Yeeehawww!! Broadway Run Club’s fearless centurion is heading to Huntsville, Texas next week to tackle the Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile Endurance Run. On Friday I sat down with Tim Wiens — at our respective computers — and asked him about his upcoming race.

BRC: You’ve never been to Texas or raced at all in the southern US. What do you know about the course and the possible conditions on race day?

The course is described as a ride on pine needles, dirt and roots, with minimal elevation change. Great for a 100 miler novice such as myself. Temperatures can range from below freezing at night to the high 70’s F.

BRC: You’re going down to Texas without a pacer. Is there any truth to rampant speculation that you’re not taking your regular pacer and training partner, David Papineau, because he pushed you too hard at Stormy last August where you DNFed at 80 miles?

I deny that completely!

BRC: You won’t have a crew either. Will that change the way you race or do you think it will even be a factor on a 5-loop course?

With five aid stations per loop, and a promise of aid stations staffed by experienced ultra runners, lack of a crew shouldn’t be a factor.

BRC: Aside from the odd time you appeared to be sitting in a farmer’s field on the wrong side of the Fraser, the Wiener Tracker worked pretty well for following your progress during the Haney 2 Harrison 100k, will you have your precious iPhone with you during the race?

On the one hand, it would be hard to leave behind the world’s greatest invention while I run. It would allow virtual pacing from Dave plus give me tunes to head-bang to when I need some inspiration. On the other hand, I wonder how much extra work would be involved hauling 0.3 extra pounds over 100 miles?

BRC:You’ve gained a bit of a reputation around town as the guy who runs around in monkey feet, what shoes are you planning to wear and will you be packing the FiveFingers?

I would love to wear the Vibram FiveFinger Treks for a lap or two. However, not knowing the course I’m unwilling to take that risk. I’ll wear the Asics DS Trainers, which worked so well on the H2H and New Year’s Day 100k’s. I may slip into my NB100s for the last lap.

BRC: What is your race strategy and are there lessons learned from your previous attempts at 100 miles that stick out when developing your race plan?

In theory the strategy is to go out at a very easy pace and not worry about time. But I’ll probably forget this within the first few minutes as I start socializing with other runners and run at their pace. I’ll also try to remember to take some walk breaks before I’m forced to.

BRC: Stomach issues have been your downfall in previous 100-mile attempts, what have you changed to overcome this and what is your fueling plan this time around?

Half the calories as previous–about 150 calories per hour. This seemed to help a bit on the last two 100k’s. Whether it is enough to prevent the usual 8-9 hour vomiting sessions after the 100k mark is unknown. I’ll also try a wider variety of fuel, like Vega Sport, and not just Carbo Pro powder [like I have in the past]. If this doesn’t work, lots of Pepto Bismol and Gravol.

BRC: You’ve been training like an animal and racking up some big training runs, most notably your New Year’s Day Double Fat Ass, where you became the first person to ever complete the Club Fat Ass New Year’s Day 50k twice on the same day. How prepared are you feeling going into this final week?

Much better prepared than before the last attempt in terms of mileage. Since my problems are stomach related, it may not help too much, but maybe it will feel a little easier and my stomach will hold out longer.

BRC: Master’s runner Andy Jones-Wilkins won last year’s Rocky Raccoon 100-miler, will we see a repeat 40-something champion, or do you prefer to wait until next year when you will be 50? (Editor’s note: I conveniently forget to mention to Tim that 2009 JFK 50-mile champ, Greg Crowther, is on the starters list.)

Since Rocky Racoon considers a Master as over 50, I’ll have to wait until next year.

BRC: Shannon Farar-Griefer is on the starters list, do you think you could ask her for a pair of Moeben sleeves for me?

I’ll give you my Miwok Moeben sleeves…as soon as you do Miwok.

Rocky Raccoon 100-miler Buckle
BRC: The finisher’s buckle is pretty sweet. Are y’all gonna come back with a belt, a pair of boots and a big ol’ Stetson to go with it?

I was going to wear the buckle as a sheriff’s badge, since it looks like one. Plus I might be full of bravado if I actually pull this thing off.

BRC: We running tonight?

Sounds good. I’ll be at your place at 9.


  1. A fan of Tim’s has pointed out that the Wiener has indeed raced in the southern US before. Young Brian Wynhoven of Vancouver points out that in 2008, Tim ran the Goofy Challenge at the Disneyworld Marathon in Orlando, FL. The Goofy consists of a Saturday half marathon followed by a full marathon on Sunday (Tim still kicks himself for not realizing there was a 5k on Friday). Tim ran a 1:37:40 and a 3:32:02 for a combined 5:09:42. The Goofy is not really an ultra and isn’t on trails, but technically it is a race in the southern US. Thank you Brian.

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