Anchor Run Scavenger Hunt

What's not to like about a leisurely 19k run out to the Anchor AND a digital scavenger hunt with friends?

On today’s nautically-themed marathon clinic run, we added a twist. Following a suggestion by several members of the clinic, we incorporated a digital scavenger hunt along the 19k route out to the Anchor at the far end of Spanish Banks and back. Each pace group was asked to bring at least one camera or camera phone and take pictures of items from a list handed out just before the run.

Some items were obvious, while others were open to interpretation. The intent was to have a little fun, break up our longest run to date, give me a little material for the site, and perhaps most importantly, give the group some photos to help finish putting names to faces!

Unfortunately for me, Daughter #1 dropped my digital camera last month and broke the lens so I was left with the world’s crappiest cell phone camera with which to scavenge!

Nobody from the four-hour pace group brought a camera but group members did offer to entertain the rest of us on Thursday with an interpretive dance representing the items from the list. Considering what’s on the list, it should be fabulous!

Here are some of the images…

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