Devil’s Head Detour 12k

There is nothing devilish about this 12k route around UBC.


There is nothing devilish about this 12k route around the perimeter of UBC’s Point Grey campus and neighbouring Pacific Spirit Park, except maybe when it’s tacked onto another run like this one.

The route is a loop so you could start anywhere, but for the purposes of linking up with the Guppy Run at it’s 17k mark, I arbitrarily chose a spot on Blanca just before 10th Avenue. Follow Blanca north to its upper limit at which point you will take a path down to NW Marine Drive. Cross and turn left onto the crushed gravel seaside pathway. Follow the path past The Anchor and up the hill to UBC. Turn right at the junction of Chancellor and Marine Drives and follow the road around the back side of UBC to 16th. Turn left on 16th and then left on Blanca to complete the loop.

If you’ve been following along, the Guppy Run + the Devil’s Head Detour = the Devil-Headed Guppy 35k!

Hopefully it’s everything Jan Heuninck wanted in a long Sunday run.

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