Canadian Marathon Record Progression

How did we get here? Follow the progression of the Canadian men's and women's marathon records.

While I was hunting around on the weekend trying to find out who Canada’s fastest ever marathoners were, I stumbled across the site of the Association of Road Racing Statisticians which has lists showing the progression of hundreds of national records from around the world, including the progression of the Canadian men’s and women’s marathon record.

Canadian Men

Cam Levins 2:07:09 Eugene Jul 22
Cam Levins 2:09:25 Toronto Oct 18
Jerome Drayton 2:10:08 Fukuoka Dec 75
Jerome Drayton 2:11:12 Fukuoka Dec 69
Jerome Drayton 2:12:00 Detroit Oct 69
Robert Moore 2:18:55 Toronto Sep 69
Ron Wallingford 2:19:24 St Hyacinthe Sep 66
Ron Wallingford 2:21:27 Detroit Nov 65
Gordon Dickson 2:21:50 Hamilton May 58
Walter Fedorick 2:28:04 Hamilton Jul 51
Gerard Coté 2:33:42 Salisbury Beach, MA May 41
Gerard Coté 2:34:06 Yonkers Nov 40
Walter Young 2:34:47 Verdun Oct 38
James Bartlett 2:36:35 Hamilton Sep 38
Harold Webster 2:37:36 Hamilton Sep 31
Cliff Bricker 2:39:24 Amsterdam Aug 28
Cliff Bricker 2:40:05 Buffalo NY May 27
Percy Wyer 2:51:10 Montreal Sep 26

Canadian Women

Natasha Wodak 2:23:12 Berlin Sep 22
Malindi Elmore 2:24:50 Houston Jan 20
Rachel Cliff 2:26:56 Nagoya Mar 19
Lanni Marchant 2:28:00 Toronto Waterfront Oct 13
Silvia Ruegger 2:28:36 Houston Jan 85
Silvia Ruegger 2:30:37 Ottawa May 84
Jacqueline Gareau 2:30:58 Tokyo Nov 80
Jacqueline Gareau 2:31:41 Montreal Sep 80
Linda Staudt 2:37:39 London Aug 80
Christine Lavalee 2:42:50 Ottawa May 80
Gayle Olinekova 2:44:04 Waldniel, Germany Sep 79
Gail McKean 2:44:53 Vancouver May 79
Christine Lavalee 2:47:39 Ottawa May 78
JoAnn McKinty 2:57:40 Kitchener Oct 75
Maria Brzezinska 3:03:15 Vancouver May 74
Maureen Wilton 3:15:22 Toronto May 67

* originally posted September 30, 2010


  1. It certainly is, Jen, but I have a feeling that will change just before noon on November 7 in Central Park.

  2. The women’s progression is incorrect. JoAnn Heale ran 2:57:40 in 1975. I will see what I can do about fixing this list.

  3. Thanks Louise! The ARRS list appears to have been updated to include JoAnn Heale (née McKinty), as well as the two previous recordholders.

  4. Yes, she did. Nicole ran a 2:32:56 at the Houston Marathon in 2006, but this list is the progression of the Canadian record which was 2:28 by Sylvia Ruegger at the time of Nicole’s 2:32.

  5. On August 18, 1968, Jerome Drayton ran 2:16:11 to set a new Canadian marathon record. So from that date until today Dec. 10, 2016 he has been the only Canadian record holder. His best time 2:10:09 in 1975 still stands. Amazing. He should be listed in your research starting in 1968 and he is not. Here is the reference.

    “On August 18, 1968, Drayton partcipated in the Guelph to Dundas marathon on the regional roads of Ontario. By winning this event in a new national record of 2Hr 16min 11sec, the selectors had no other choice but to send him to the Olympic games. At the Mexico Olympics he was blighted by dysentery and registered a DNF .(did not finish).”

  6. Walter Fedorick’s 2:28 at Hamilton in 1950 is dubious. The ARRS has it listed as a short course. He was not known to have run any times remotely similar to this (his best appear to be two 2:40’s also run in 1950), and if it had been a valid mark the time would have been a world leader for that year.
    If we scratch this mark, Gordon Dickson’s 2:31:50.5 on 24 May 1955 at Hamilton would have qualified as a Canadian record.

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