Gully Run 2

Gully Run 2: the Gully Run fortified with an extra dose of Vancouver Marathon.

Gully Run 2 route map

The Gully Run began in 2007 as a bit of a lark, but the 34k run covering many of the west side’s best hills has become the go-to test of body and mind for Broadway marathoners.

The Gully Run took on some extra significance after the Vancouver International Marathon Society included Camosun Street in its complete course overhaul in 2012. I had included the beastly Camosun climb along the eastern flank of Pacific Spirit Park as the Gully Run’s last major climb, thinking that it was a good thing nobody was cruel enough to include it in an actual race. Well, that changed, so it seemed fitting to offer up a modified Gully Run with a heavy dose of the new marathon route.

Gully Run 2 route profile

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