Guppy Run 23k

A fishbowl-sized version of the classic Gully Run.

Guppy Run 23k map
When you feel like touring the West Side of Vancouver from Queen Elizabeth Park to UBC, but don’t want to run a whopper like the BRC classic Gully Run, there’s always the tamer, fishbowl-sized Guppy Run 23k.

Starting and finishing at Broadway and Fir, the Guppy follows the same basic directions as the infamous Gully Run, but does so without making all those hilly little detours. Fear not all you purists, you still get a couple of decent climbs in and are rewarded with the same great views from atop Queen Elizabeth Park and on the 8th Avenue descent from West Point Grey Park, so it’s still worth getting out of bed to run the Guppy!

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Guppy Run elevation profile