Runner’s World Post-Run Yoga Routine

Runner's World has a great little post-run yoga routine by Sage Rountree

I’m really bad about stretching after I run so I’m always looking for a routine simple enough that I will keep doing it. I’ve also dabbled a bit with yoga — admittedly only in my living room with my virtual yogi on the DVD player — and have experienced real benefits from doing it regularly. Yeah, yeah, I know I should be doing it more often, especially to maintain flexibility in my arthritic right hip, but I can never find the time.

You can just imagine my joy earlier this week when I stumbled across this 10-minute post-run yoga routine from Sage Rountree on the Runner’s World website. It’s been three days now and I’ve managed to do it after every run since. Three runs in a row! That’s almost a record for me so I’m calling this one a winner. Check it out.

Yoga Stretches for Injury Prevention from Runner’s World.