Bringin’ Back the Nineties

Brooks celebrates ten generations of Adrenalines...

I like to see running shoe companies embrace their past designs. I think it takes me back to my youth. The best example of this was Nike’s Genealogy of Speed, a brilliant Flash-based microsite that vanished from the web like a pair of second-generation Nike Internationalists sitting outside a high school gym class.

Brooks did their part for fans of shoe design history with this post today on the Brooks Blog, displaying a photo history of their Adrenaline GTS which somehow survived past the original (hard to believe that thing only dates back to 1995!) to become the company’s most popular stability shoe. Unlike at least a half dozen shoes on the Nike Genealogy family tree, I’ve never owned Adrenalines, but it shows a company in touch with its past. Could this mean the rebirth of the Chariot? The Vantage? The hideous white and purple Brooks thing I owned in 1992?

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