Dear John 32k

A roundabout way of getting from A to B and RR to RR.

When Steve Mattina asked me to come up with a 32k route for the marathon clinic that would take runners from the Broadway Running Room to the newest Running Room store at UBC, I thought he misspoke. You see the most direct route from A to B is less than 8k. But since the run was meant to celebrate the grand opening of the new store AND would fall on the Sunday of the clinic’s final 20-miler, we would have to take a roundabout way of getting there. Well, what is more roundabout and more apropos for a Running Room grand opening than a route which hits every Running Room in Vancouver and even passes by the previous location of the Broadway store at City Square Mall? It would be a synergistic linking of the Running Room’s past, present and future and I could dedicate it all to founder John Stanton. What could possibly make the route any better than that? Oh yeah, a run up to the top of Queen Elizabeth Park! Done.

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