Thrifty Foods Kids Run Training Log

Download a Victoria Marathon Kids Run training chart for your kid!

Ever since they’ve been able to run, my daughters have been running the kids runs at the marathons I do around BC. Each year I put together a little mileage — or should I say kilometrage? — tracker for them to colour in and follow their progress as they train for the big day. We stick them up on the fridge door and I find the visual reinforcement the charts provide keeps the girls motivated to run even when they might not want to.

For last year’s Thrifty Foods Kids Run in Victoria, I made a chart that followed an outline of the iconic Parliament Building which serves as the backdrop for the finish line of all of the races associated with the Victoria Marathon. Aside from a logo change to make it look official, I saw no reason to change it.

But wait, there’s more! It also doubles as a board game surface for bored Political Science students playing BC Legislature trivia! For one point, name the BC Finance minister who said the government had no plans to introduce a harmonized sales tax before the last provincial election? Bonus point: was this true or false?

Click here to download the PDF for your kid

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