Introducing the Babe Patrol

The Fab Five. The Quick Quintet. The Broadway Babe Patrol.

Everybody needs a logo, so it is with the unveiling of theirs that I proudly introduce the Broadway Babe Patrol! The Patrol are a quintet of fast girls who met in my first marathon clinic in January — Alyson, Amelia, Andrea, Carolyn, and Evelyn — and their honourary Babe Patrol dude, Alan.

As the story goes, the girls — and Alan — were looking for an excuse for a road trip and headed up to Squamish in August to watch me race in the Stormy 50-miler. After seeing me pass the Powerhouse aid station a little after the halfway mark and solidly in third place, the girls headed back into town to grab lunch before heading to the finish line to celebrate with me. The only hitch was that Dario passed me late in the race and beat me to the cheers and adulation by a few minutes. Standing around at an ultra for hours waiting for runners to come in can be challenging and naturally spectators are always looking for an excuse to cheer, so when the girls saw someone they actually knew, they, in Carolyn‘s words, “flocked to him,” prompting one bystander to remark, “Check out Dario with the babe patrol.” And so the Babe Patrol was born. Dario’s Babe Patrol.