Durolane Diaries 2: Week 3

Week 3 after the second Durolane injection and while my hip isn't quite where I'd like it to be, I do feel like I'm getting my road legs back.

Thursday, September 9 — Decent speed workout with the marathon clinic. Managed 3 x 1600m a little faster than usual of late, though that may have been in part because I was being pushed by a guy with no shoes for the last one!

I also started taking Purica Extra Strength Recovery again today. I don’t know whether it really helped me at all, but coincidence or not, my hip was feeling pretty good when I was taking it after the first Durolane injection. Two weeks since the second injection and my hip not quite where I’d like it to be, and with half a bottle of Recovery on the shelf, what do I have to lose?

Sunday, September 12 — Long run with the clinic in the rain. Scheduled to do 32k, but opted to run a little extra at the end and including the run to the store, ended up at 35.5k for the day. The hip was a bit sore during the run, but it didn’t keep me from running a lot of the last 8k at marathon race pace. I blame Brian for that.

Monday, September 13 — A little stiff and tired but I went for a short run to check out the hip. Actually, I ran to go to the bank, pick up groceries for dinner and then get my girls from afterschool care, but the trip served as a test for the hip. It was a little stiff at first, but I found a flow and felt like I could keep going a lot longer if I need to.

Tuesday, September 14 — Speedwork at the track. We did a 800-1200-1600-1200-800 pyramid. The hip felt okay. It’s not pain-free but it moved freely and even felt stable enough afterwards that I was able to complete a few clumsy cariocas. Couldn’t do that last week.

Wednesday, September 15 — The usual Wednesday run from the store. My legs were heavy, we were missing a few of the usual troublemakers, and the route we did had a pretty substantial climb so there was less temptation to get stupid… at least until the last 4k. My hip felt strong and wasn’t a problem. My achilles on the other hand was pretty tender.

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