Babe Patrol Reporting for Duty

The Babe Patrol babes are officially on duty!

The Broadway Babe Patrol babes are ready to race the streets of Victoria and Kelowna this weekend (and Beijing in two weeks?) and kicked off the weekend by unveiling their team logo last night at a small private function at the best-kept secret in Cambie Village, chez Michel.

Okay, it was actually the marathon clinic’s pre-race soirĂ©e at Mike’s house and the model was a 41 year-old dude in a wig, but it was a blast and the outfits should look great on race day! The babes will be looking far more stylish in their black, spaghetti-strapped Lululemon tank tops than I am in the photo trying to remain absolutely frozen so as not to confuse the camera on Alan’s iPhone.

Check out the Babe Patrol at the Okanagan Marathon and Victoria Marathon this weekend! Go Babe Patrol!