Durolane Diaries: Week 3

Join us again for another thrilling episode about a boy and his arthritic hip...

Thursday, November 19, 2009 – Generally stiff, but my hip is not bad.

Friday, November 20 – Ran some errands. Had a good fluid stride going with a soft, forefoot strike. Hips felt loose.

Saturday, November 21 – Joined Tim for a couple of laps of his 70k Club Fat Ass Foolish Gerbil Run up at UBC. It poured! My hip felt good enough on the first lap that I remarked that I felt like Dario as I nimbly hopped a puddle on the trail. Famous last words. My hip started to feel tight on the second half of the first lap and was really uncomfortable by the end of the second. My legs were heavy and my fingers were numb. I was sore, drenched and in a really foul mood for the run home. 36k total.

Sunday, November 22 – Stiff, tired, even still feeling a bit punch-drunk after yesterday. Legs were heavy and hips tight but I dragged myself through an easy-paced 21k around the Seawall with the guys. Took a break at Lumberman’s Arch around 52 minutes into the run and did not have that usual difficulty getting going again. Pre-Durolane, my hip would stiffen up and it would be really tough to get going again after brief washroom breaks like that. Pace picked up over the second half of the run. Groin, hip flexors tired.

Monday, November 23 – A bit stiff overall but loosened up and felt okay by mid-afternoon (maybe it was the coffee?) My hip feels like it’s bounced back after Saturday.

Wednesday, November 25 – Happy birthday to me. I’m now a 41 year-old with an arthritic hip. Ran to meet the guys for coffee in the morning. Didn’t feel like running hard on our Wednesday night run to Denman, but felt good. Had a strong bounce going when we hit the bridge on the way back and blazed the west side of it in 2:59.2! First sub-3 bridge-crossing since they closed the east side walkway for the bike lane conversion. Not sure where that came from, but I know the last bridge-crossing I did with that kind of effort before the injection was a 3:20 and at the time I felt like I was missing a higher gear. I had that gear tonight.

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