Durolane Diaries: Week 4

More reflections on life with an osteoarthritic hip...

Thursday, November 26, 2009 – Hips and groin a little tight. Felt okay running the 8k up to Steve’s and back.

Getting the hang of this new hip and all the things it can do. Who knew I could still run up stairs? I had somehow forgotten that I could.

Saturday, November 28 – Hip not bad at all, but I feel a little plantar fasciitis-like pain in both heels.

Sunday, November 29 – Almost 26k on road and trails. Nothing too crazy. Hip started feeling a bit tight about ten miles into the run and stayed tight all day. No pain, but the joint has a tight, almost ‘jammed’ feeling. Both hips felt tight toward the end of the run so the source of the discomfort may not be in the joint, but from the muscles and tendons around it.

Monday, November 30 – I ran out of my Natural Factors Glucosamine + Chondroitin a couple of days ago so I picked up a bottle of Purica Recovery Extra Strength at Choices on my run home from the bank. I’m not totally sold on Glucosamine yet, but I’m giving it a try and Purica sounds like a good company . Apparently the Extra Strength version of Recovery contains about 5mg of hyaluronic acid per capsule. Hmmm… I wonder if I could get Dr. Kiwi to inject some of it into my hip when the Durolane wears off in five months…

Tuesday, December 1 – Ran downtown and to get the girls before heading off for speedwork with the guys. Cool night. Track was very slick and traction was almost non-existent in spots. 4 x 1000m was plenty in those conditions. Forced me to quicken my cadence and shorten my stride to ensure proper footing. Probably a good lesson learned there. Hips felt worked, but weren’t stiff before or during the run home.

Wednesday, December 2 – Definitely feeling last night’s workout, but loosened up during the day. Another relaxed Wednesday night run turned into another battle to the death. No problems from the hip.

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