Durolane Diaries: Week 2

Another installment in the saga of a boy and his arthritic hip...

Thursday, November 12 – Sure feels strange not having the usual stiffness and pain in my right hip when I first get up.

Friday, November 13 – Ran 30.5k to West Van and back to meet with a client. Legs felt a bit beaten up and heavy on the way back and my feet and right ankle were sore, but at some point it hit me that I was running 19 miles and HAD NO PAIN IN MY RIGHT HIP! When was the last time I could say that? Should have stretched more afterwards though.

Sunday, November 15 – Hips a little tight but not painful during the 22.5k run with the guys up to UBC, which included a spirited run up the Marine Drive hill to Chancellor Blvd. My ego was a bit bruised though after Aaron pulled away from me on that climb!

Tuesday, November 17 – Ran a 12k tempo run around the 1.35k cinder path at Trout Lake this evening. Just got right into it without much of a warm-up. Found a zone and stayed there for nine laps. I could feel the fatigue over the final couple of laps and my right hip may have actually been sore. Right ankle and butt sore.

Wednesday, November 18 – Had a bit of a scare tonight. Okay, maybe ‘scare’ is too strong, but my hip was feeling what I might almost call pain. After the 12k tempo run on Tuesday and tonight’s run out of the RR which included a spirit charge up the Queen E. hill and a little friskiness on the way home, my hip was tight and had a touch of that old familiar soreness. Crap. It’s only been two weeks… is it back? It didn’t lock up like it used to, but then again, it didn’t go from completely fluid to completely rigid when it was its worst either, so I was a little nervous that perhaps the Durolane honeymoon was over. The run home wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. I stretched a little, but as happens all too frequently, I ended up parking my butt at the computer for an hour or so. Usually that’s begging for trouble, but remarkably when I got up THE HIP FELT BETTER. I told myself I’d dodged a bullet and vowed to put a little more effort into stretching out after running.


  1. Any advice on whether I can drive home (160 Km) after my injection in my left knee tomorrow?

  2. I don’t see why not, but I’m not a doctor. I had no swelling, pain or stiffness in my hip after either injection and the only warning I got was a suggestion to not do any strenuous activity for the rest of the day. Good luck with it!

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