Gurdwara Grind 10k

Celebrate Vancouver's Sikh community with a climb up Khalsa Diwan Road.

Gurdwara Grind 10k map
South Vancouver is home to the city’s largest Sikh community and two of Vancouver’s Sikh temples or gurdwaras. The Gurdwara Grind is a Distance Run Club 10.6k loop from Main Street and 32nd Avenue that passes the smaller Khalsa Darbar temple at Prince Edward Street and 61st Avenue on the way south to East Kent Avenue North and the larger Khalsa Diwan temple on Ross Street on the climb back north.

Vancouver’s largest gurdwara, the Sikh Temple on Ross Street was designed in 1968 by Arthur Erickson and George Massey to resemble a lotus flower and opened in 1970.

On your way up Ross Street, you will notice red road signs beneath the regular Ross Street signs. In 2018, the City of Vancouver commemorated the contribution of the Sikh community by designating the section of Ross Street — the part of the route that puts the ‘grind’ in Gurdwara Grind — from the temple at Marine Drive to 57th Avenue as Khalsa Diwan Road. The Khalsa Diwan Road signs were installed in 2019.

Big thanks to our friend Dimitri for suggesting the route.

The Greek Guy’s Gurdwara Grind 10k
EAST on 32nd Avenue from Main Street — RIGHT on Prince Edward Street — dogleg RIGHT at Marine Drive to continue south on Prince Edward — continue past East Kent Avenue North through the weeds and across the railway tracks and go LEFT on East Kent Avenue South — East Kent South turns into a bike path east of Chester Street — go LEFT at the next, unnamed cross-road and go RIGHT on East Kent North for half a block — LEFT on Ross Street — dogleg RIGHT at Marine Drive to continue north on Ross Street (which is also called Khalsa Diwan Road to 57th Avenue) — LEFT on 49th Avenue — RIGHT on Windsor Street — LEFT on 45th Avenue — RIGHT on St. George Street — dogleg LEFT to continue north on St. George — cross 41st Avenue and enter the Mountain View Cemetery — take the first RIGHT on the cemetery path parallel to the 41st Avenue fence — LEFT at next path intersection and follow it straight north to exit this section of the cemetery — LEFT on 37th Avenue bike path — take next RIGHT and follow cemetery path north to 33rd Avenue — LEFT on 33rd — RIGHT on Prince Edward — LEFT on 32nd back to Main

* PLEASE NOTE: This version of the route is updated to follow the safer Kent Avenue South for most of the south part of the route rather than the much busier Kent Avenue North

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