Distance Dave’s Favourite Fartlek 11k

From the lovable guy who brought you the Queen E Vert Loop.

Distance Dave's Favourite Fartlek 11k map
Distance Dave Cressman has put in a lot of fast miles in his Distance Runwear neighbourhood around Main Street and 32nd Avenue in Vancouver and he’s put together some really cool routes. Fans of Dave and his infamous Queen E Vert Loop, know that like other alpha dogs, Dave carefully marks his territory with a trail of tough-to-steal Strava crowns.

Dave’s Fartlek route caught my attention last week when it appeared in my Strava feed. Twice. It’s loaded with rolling hills, covers a lot of existing Strava segments (not that Dave left many for anyone else) and it’s the perfect distance for a Runwear Wednesday run from the store.

Distance Dave’s Favourite Fartlek 11k
EAST on 32nd Avenue from Main Street — RIGHT on Prince Edward Street — LEFT on 41st Avenue — cross and go LEFT on Fraser Street — RIGHT on 39th Avenue — LEFT on Ross Street — RIGHT on 33rd Avenue — RIGHT on Inverness Street — dogleg LEFT-RIGHT at 37th Avenue to continue south on Inverness — LEFT on 41st — LEFT on Wales Street — at Kingsway go LEFT on 34th Avenue — dogleg RIGHT-LEFT at Victoria Drive to continue west on 34th — RIGHT on Dumfries Street — LEFT on 33rd — RIGHT on Windsor — LEFT on 31st Avenue — LEFT on Prince Edward — RIGHT on 32nd back to Main