Science World Loop 10k

The Science World Loop around False Creek is a Cambie Running Room classic which blends the science of human locomotion with the art of dodging through crowds.

Science World Loop 10kAs far back as I can remember, the Science World Loop around Vancouver’s False Creek has always been the go-to Wednesday run club route for the Cambie Running Room and the Broadway Running Room before it. With the exception of the climb across Burrard Bridge at the western end of the route, the Science World Loop is flat and can serve as the starting point for an endless array of running adventures. Run it in either direction, but counter-clockwise is the traditional way Cambie rolls.

Turn-by-Turn Directions
NORTH on Cambie St and under the bridge to Spyglass Pl — RIGHT on the False Creek Seawall path — follow water side path to the left of Science World — continue following the Seawall path the most scenic way to the condo under Burrard Bridge — go straight through the arch and up the stairs to the RIGHT — continue up through the Aquatic Centre parking lot — cross Beach Ave and take the path and stairs up onto Burrard Bridge and turn RIGHT to cross the bridge — follow the pedestrian path beside Burrard St — LEFT on 1st Ave, veering LEFT toward False Creek — RIGHT at Creekside Dr and quick LEFT-RIGHT onto Seawall Path toward Granville Island — follow the path back to Spyglass where you can turn RIGHT and head back to the store or earn bonus points for taking Greg’s Stairmaster up the Cambie Bridge and from there head back to the store