Full Cambie Hobo 22k

Go Full Hobo from the Cambie Running Room on this 22k loop encompassing the entire length of the old Arbutus rail corridor and the Ontario Street climb.

Full Cambie Hobo 22k map
In 2013, long before the City and CPR reached an agreement for the sale of land in the Arbutus rail corridor, I decided to run the length of the old tracks to see if it was runnable. From the north end of the tracks, buried somewhere in the bush across the footpath from Cultural Harmony Grove just east of Burrard Bridge, the CPR line weaved its way south through Kitsilano and Kerrisdale to a swing bridge beside the Oak Street Bridge on the shore of the North Arm of the Fraser. The original Hobo Run took me from the north end to the south end and back again. Adding to the adventure was the fact that although the rail line hadn’t been used in years, the tracks were intact and heavily overgrown with brambles in many places. It was a hell of a workout.

Today, the Arbutus Greenway has been almost completely cleared and replaced with a wide, paved bike and pedestrian path with long stretches of bark mulch path for runners like Vancouver’s fastest gardener, Michael Stockdale, who prefer a softer landing.

The Full Hobo is a 22-kilometre route from the Cambie Running Room which combines the entire length of the old rail corridor to South Vancouver with a return climb up Ontario Street back to the store.

Turn-by-Turn Directions
WEST on 7th Ave — RIGHT at Laurel and take overpass into Charleson Park — fork LEFT and between school and playground to False Creek Seawall — LEFT on seawall path — pass Granville Island — dogleg LEFT/RIGHT before Fisherman’s Wharf and continue on Creekside Dr — LEFT on gravel path opposite Cultural Harmony Grove just before Burrard Bridge — THIS IS THE NORTH END OF THE OLD CPR RAILWAY LINE — follow gravel path to the LEFT — RIGHT on 1st Ave and LEFT on Fir St OR for Hobo traditionalists, cross 1st Ave and continue on path through community gardens and back lanes on the old rail corridor to 5th Ave — RIGHT onto Arbutus Greenway path just after 5th Ave — follow Arbutus Greenway to South Van below Marine Drive and run along rails to Oak St — THE SOUTH END OF THE OLD CPR RAILWAY LINE is at the swing bridge to the right — at Oak St, continue EAST on Kent Ave South — LEFT on Laurel St — quick RIGHT on Kent Ave North — LEFT on Ontario St — LEFT on 7th Ave