Queen Lori’s Loop 11k

A run through Queen E Park and a stroll along False Creek, this 11k route is a tribute to Lori Paton, the queen of the Cambie Running Room. Long live the Queen!

Queen Lori's Loop 11k map
Cambie Running Room manager, Lori Paton, was the store manager when I taught my first marathon clinic at the Broadway store in 2010. She left Broadway in 2012 to open the Cambie store, and after John Stanton finally pulled the plug on Broadway early in 2015, we followed Lori to Cambie. This week, we say good-bye as Lori leaves Cambie, the Running Room and Vancouver to pursue her dreams in Banff.

This 11k route is our tribute to the queen of the Cambie Running Room. It was one of Lori’s favourites — along with this one — and was in regular rotation at Wednesday night run club until Greg and I messed things up (I blame myself since I never got around to making a proper map of this route until now). I had originally dubbed this route the ‘Yukon Runner’s Boot’ because it heads up Yukon Street and the road through Queen E Park carves a boot-like shape, but, with apologies to Kelsey Bragg, the original Yukon Runner, it seemed fitting to officially name it in Lori’s honour.

Turn-by-Turn Directions
EAST on 7th Ave — RIGHT on Yukon St — LEFT on Midlothian Ave — RIGHT  into Queen E Park after passing Nat Bailey Stadium — RIGHT at the first fork in the road and follow the road counter-clockwise all the way around the park through the Rose Garden and Pitch & Putt parking lot and exit LEFT onto 37th Ave — LEFT on Ontario St — LEFT on False Creek Seawall path at Olympic Village — LEFT on Spyglass Pl — LEFT under Cambie Bridge to crosswalk at 2nd on the east side of the bridge and continue to 7th Ave 

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  1. Congrats and best wishes to you Lori! Thank you for helping me start my run journey. I hope you have the most incredible adventure in Banff. Come back to run with us soon!

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