Trafalgar Loop 10k

The Trafalgar Loop begins with a leisurely stroll to Kits Beach and finishes with a tactical battle for Strava segments that would have made Admiral Nelson proud.

Trafalgar Loop 10k map

The Trafalgar Loop begins with a leisurely and scenic stroll along the False Creek Seawall out past Kits Beach and finishes with a flurry of gamesmanship as runners hammer through numerous Strava segments en route to victory back at Cambie and 7th. The route has all the makings of a tactical battle that would have put a smile on the face of Admiral Horatio Nelson.

Take heed for this Battle of Trafalgar can be won or lost at Oak Street and combatants must be particularly careful to watch for the crossfire of French musket balls so as not to meet Admiral Nelson’s fate — translation: there’s a crosswalk but no stop light at Oak & 7th, motorists have the right-of-way and it’s a total pain in the ass for them to stop regardless of whether they’re driving uphill or down!

Turn-by-Turn Instructions
NORTH on Cambie under the bridge to Spyglass — LEFT on False Creek Seawall — follow past Granville Island to Creekside and under Burrard Bridge past Burrard Marina — around Vanier Park to Kits Pool — between Kits Pool and the concession and straight, down and up the short steps to Point Grey road — RIGHT on Point Grey Road around the two blocks to where it bends LEFT and becomes Trafalgar — cross at the lights and go up the Trafalgar hill — LEFT on 7th back to Cambie taking extra care when crossing Oak Street

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