Post Mark Arbutus Greenway Loop 10k

Through snow, rain, heat or gloom of night, we can all run the Arbutus Corridor with Cambie Running Room's Post Mark 10k route.

Post Mark 10k map
When our speedy letter carrier friend, Mark Schellenberg, suggested this 10k loop from the Cambie Running Room out to the new Arbutus Greenway, I said, yes please! The Arbutus Greenway is the new big thing for runners, cyclists and pedestrians on the west side of Vancouver so it was an easy choice to add a route to the Cambie Wednesday route rotation that spends a good chunk of time ripping down the corridor. Sprinkle in a few hills, some Strava segments and a enough street lights to make the usual Wednesday cat-and-mouse game that much more interesting and the Post Mark has all the makings of a Cambie classic. The fact that the route has only four turns makes it highly user-friendly… unless you get carried away hurdling the concrete barriers on the Greenway and miss the turn at 7th Avenue.

As an added bonus, critics of the decision to pave the former CP rail bed, like Vancouver’s fastest gardener, Michael Stockdale, will be pleased to see that the City has added a strip of bark mulch alongside the main asphalt path from 33rd Avenue to King Edward and north of Broadway.

Fun Fact! The Post Mark route also passes the locations of two Canada Post depots where Mark previously worked.

Turn-by-Turn Description
WEST on 7th Ave — LEFT on Heather St — RIGHT on 33rd Ave — RIGHT on Arbutus Greenway path — RIGHT on 7th Ave back to Cambie St

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