Sellin’ Sea Shells by the Seawall 24k

Cool! Imagine doing THIS one ten times fast!

She sells sea shells by the sea shore. She shells sea shells by the shea shore. She shells shea shells by the shea shore. She she shu sha sho…. arghhhhhhh!!!

There’s a lot of things easier than saying that old tongue-twister ten times fast, and luckily one of those things is this nearly pancake-flat 23.8k run around False Creek and the Stanley Park Seawall. Just don’t try to do it ten times fast!

The original route includes a clockwise lap of the Seawall, but the inset map shows the kilometre points for the counter-clockwise option. Add the Yu Turn, shown in orange, around Kits Point to bump the run up to an even 26k.

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