Jericho Beach Run

This scenic out-and-back 13k route is quick and easy.

The run out to Jericho Beach and back is quick and easy and offers some great views of the West End and North Shore mountains. The concrete pier at the far end of Jericho Beach is the turnaround point for the 13k from Broadway and Fir.

For you trivia buffs, Jericho Beach was once known as Jerry’s Cove, named for a popular drinking establishment on West 4th near Alma. No, it was named for Jeremiah Rogers who owned a logging operation in the area. Jerry’s Cove was later shortened to Jericho. (‘Jerry Co’ became Jericho. Get it?)

Check the Vancouver Park Board site for more info on Jericho Beach.

Click here for the route on FriendFit

If you’ve headed back and feel like tacking on a few extra kilometres, add the Charleson Park loop to stretch it to 16k. Click here for the 16k version on FriendFit

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