Durolane Diaries: Happy New Year!

The hip passed the first test of the year at the Club Fat Ass 50k!

The Durolane DiariesSaturday, January 2 – The hip passed a big test yesterday. I ran 3:51:51 to break the course record and win the Fat Ass 50k ahead of a pretty competitive field considering it’s not really a race. My quads were pretty shot, but the hip felt good. It was cool and wet, but thankfully the footing was reasonably predictable, even in racing flats! I can’t imagine what it would have been like if we’d had the snow, ice and slush we had last year. Maybe I would be whining about a sore hip… or not. The hip seemed pretty solid out there.

Did the ocean ice bath off the ‘beach’ next to Brockton Oval and stayed in for 15 ch-ch-chilly minutes.

Today my upper left hamstring is sore (yep, other leg) and I must have tweaked my right ankle a little ‘cuz it’s a little stiff and sore as well. I did feel my right hip a little as I was getting ready for bed. More of a twinge than anything.

Sunday, January 3 – ran a fairly relaxed 12k with the guys. Not bad until we climbed the stairs up the west side of Burrard Bridge. Ugh! Picked it up a bit for the last couple of kms back to the store. Felt good but I was careful not to do anything stupid.

Monday, January 4 – Right hip has been a bit sore all day — along with a long list of other aches and pains I’m feeling.

Tuesday, January 5 – Hip is not a problem today, even after doing 8 hill reps up Nanton with the half marathon clinic tonight!

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