Fat Dog 100k

The Fat Dog 100 is finally here and I haven't been so excited about a pacing gig since Stormy in 2009. Let's hope it ends better!

The Fat Dog 100 goes this weekend and as much as I wanted to race it this year, I will be there to pace Tim over the second half of the 100k route, from Sumallo Grove to the finish at Lightning Lake in Manning Park. Job one will be to protect Tim from man-eating mosquitoes, ferocious bears and gastrointestinal goblins and get him to the finish line with a smile still on his face. Beyond that, I will be scouting out the course for next year when I hope to be running the 100-miler myself. I might even sneak in a little flyfishing on the Skagit while I wait for Tim to arrive at the aid station. It should be a great day!

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