Big Al’s Urban Trail Adventure 23k

Alan Yu sees a trail wherever he runs.


Alan Yu and I are kindred spirits. Deep down he’s a trail runner stuck in the middle of the city. He sees a trail wherever he goes: lawns, playgrounds, grassy boulevards, a weed growing through the crack on a sidewalk. This little 23k with a taste of urban trails is for Alan. And because the posted distance is never enough for Alan, the route is actually a little over 23k.

The fun doesn’t really begin until you enter Pacific Spirt Park, but it’s a whole lot more fun if you know where you’re going once you get there. The chances are pretty slim that you’d ever get stranded in the park and have to live off cedar bark and wild mushrooms, but it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the park trail map anyway. The trails can be a bit disorienting if you are new to the park.

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