Durolane Diaries 2: Week 6

A week until the Victoria Marathon and the hip is ummmm...

Thursday, September 30 — Final night of speedwork with the marathon clinic so we did a little tempo interval at race pace around False Creek. The hip is a little stiff, but it’s still my foot and achilles that are giving me the most grief. Earlier I was questioning whether I could even get myself psyched up enough to push through the pain for a third day in a row or just sit this one out and wait for everyone when they finished. Things loosened up enough on the way down to Granville Island. Had a solid three intervals around marathon pace and then hammered a 2:51 Bridge with Michael.

Sunday, October 3 — Final 10-miler before Victoria. Had a good group out. Didn’t want to repeat the mistake I made a year ago when Dario and I hammered the entire run about two minutes faster than we’d ever done the Stonehenge route and I ended up screwing up my back.

The hip was a bit stiff and I never felt really good. We did do a pretty good clip on the way back, and even though I was down to below race pace for the last quarter of the run, Henry, Brian, Dario and Michael still managed to get away.

Did cariocas, butt kicks and walking high knees. Hip stiff. Right achilles really painful.

Walked to MEC later. The hip had that jammed feeling with some really sharp tightness in the groin down under the pelvis, and tightness across the front of the joint.

Wednesday, October 6 — Relaxed final run out of the Running Room with some of the guys. I cut my run short because I had to get to a parent-teacher conference at the girls’ school by 7:00. Hip a little more stiff than expected and my achilles is way too tender this close to race day. Oh well.

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  1. Hi nice bit of journaling… I too have a gimped hip and have been a long time runner triathlete. I injured my hip, however, rescuing a frisbee off my roof!!! not running (the right hip is working fine). I have now had 4 injections over 3 years and am unfortunately finding that with each one the effect is less and less. I still ski (almost every weekend), cycle, and “fist hike” (run in most peoples terms) the north shore trails on a regular basis. d
    I would like to know if anyone out there has ever had a double dose of Durolane? I think that would be upwards of 600 ml? I am querying this as there is also a cushioning effect as well as lubrication.
    Like to know your thoughts….anyone?

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