Durolane Diaries: Week 5

More tales about a boy and his degenerative hip...

Friday, December 4, 2009 – Went out late for the first sub-zero first run in a long time, for 18k along the beaches. Hip felt great on the way out; a little tight on the back., but it didn’t feel like it was slowing me down. A bit icy so the tractions was iffy at times. Hips a bit tight and sore, but it was good to get out. Might have gone too hard but it felt good at the time.

Saturday, December 5 – Hips a bit sore after last night, feeling generally sluggish.

Sunday, December 6 – Cold morning for 24k. Hip felt pretty good.

Tuesday, December 8 – Hip not too bad after last night’s 10k up to the top of Queen E. Park in -5C. Chilly at the track tonight but not slippery. Too cold and not motivated enough to squeeze out more than 3 x 800m. Hip felt a little off afterwards but it wasn’t painful.

Wednesday, December 9 – Lots of energy and felt pretty good. Hip a little tight but nothing I was too concerned about. Denman run again. Had no intention of going hard over the bridge, but Tim was restless and I followed his lead to the top of the bridge and let it rip down the back side. 2:51! A new bridge record for either side. Couldn’t have done that on the old hip.

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