Durolane Diaries: Week 6-7

Hip Hip Hooray...

Sunday, December 13, 2009 – Feeling crappy, like I’ve got a cold coming on. 24.6k with the guys including a spirited battle with Aaron on the upper part of the climb to Prospect Point. Felt a bit fried later in the run, but had a decent push back over the bridge. Finished strong. Hips, groin, feet, feeling beaten up. Right hip still sore in the evening.

Monday, December 14 – Right hip still a little achy and stiff. Should I start worrying?

Tuesday, December 15 – Ran downtown in the morning. 8k. Hip felt good. Speedwork was a good test: 10 x 400m with 200m recovery, chasing Mattina from a 1:20 down to a 1:11 last rep. Slightly damp track, but not too slippery. Quads sore, hip tight.

Friday, December 18 – Feeling like I’ve got my ‘commuter legs’ back with a bunch of decent Forrest Gump-style errand runs the past three days, and not one complaint about my right hip.

Sunday, December 20 – Felt sluggish, presumably from using some muscles I haven’t used in a while at the skating party yesterday. Tried to do some stuff to work the hips, so maybe I’m feeling it. Pace this morning a little more up-tempo than usual for the early part. Legs were heavy for the first part, but I felt some serious jump later on. No complaints from the hip.

Wednesday, December 23 – This cold has me feeling pretty lousy. Haven’t taken any Purica since Sunday. Ran 16k yesterday without any hip trouble. Easy egg nog jog today.

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