What’s Up? 10k

What's up? This 10k route is What's Up? That's what.

The What’s Up? Chuck Tupper 10k is named for Sir Charles Tupper, Canada’s sixth and, with a term of just 69 days, our shortest-serving prime minister. The ten-kilometre loop passes both Charles Tupper’s namesake school at St. George Street and King Edward Avenue and Tupper Street, which was not named for the former prime minister but for former Vancouver resident and land owner, Mary Tupper.

Heading south from Distance Runwear at Main and 32nd Avenue the route takes in Oakridge, BC Women’s and Children’s Hospitals and Douglas Park en route to St. George Street and past Tupper Secondary and its adorable undersized gravel track before turning west at Mountain View Cemetery and back to the store. Just so nobody thinks I’ve switched sides, the route also passes Eric Hamber Secondary. Go Griffins!

What’s Up? 10k
Starting at Main St, follow 32nd Ave EAST – RIGHT on Prince Edward St — RIGHT on 45th Ave — RIGHT on Tisdall St which bends LEFT to become 42nd Ave — RIGHT on Willow St — RIGHT onto the access roads around the hospitals — at the quirky black and white sculptures, veer RIGHT on the path and continue NORTH on Heather St — RIGHT on 19th Ave — RIGHT on Main — LEFT on 20th Ave — RIGHT on St. George St — follow path between the Tupper school buildings and rejoin St. George — RIGHT on 31st Ave — LEFT on Prince Edward — RIGHT on 32nd to Main Street

The route was originally named the Whattup? 10k in an attempt to be a more obvious play on Tupper’s name, but after nearly two years of Whattup? bouncing awkwardly off my ear drums, I decided it sounded kind of dumb and officially changed it to What’s Up?