Teen Wolfe 10k

Stay hungry. Like the wolf.

Teen Wolfe 10k map
The Teen Wolfe 10k is a rolling loop that ventures from Main and 32nd west into the natural territory of the Canis latrans, the poodle-eating coyotes that roam Shaughnessy neighbourhoods striking fear in the mansion-dwelling owners of small, decorative pets. Yes, yes, coyotes are smaller members of the Caninae family and not actually teen wolves. Those would be young Canis lupus, of course.

The route is actually named for Wolfe Avenue and the assortment of avenues in the teens the route covers. History nerds will take note that Wolfe Avenue is named for the British commander during the Seven Years War, General James Wolfe, who died in battle on the Plains of Abraham (in modern-day Quebec City) on September 13, 1759. The French commander in the war, the Marquis de Montcalm, also died in the battle and has a street in Marpole named after him.

The first half of the route follows the 29th Avenue and Cypress bike routes before jumping onto 17th Avenue as a quieter alternative to 16th Avenue. Heading eastward, 17th Avenue becomes Cedar Crescent and eventually spits runners onto 16th via Fir Street. Crossing Granville, the route rounds the southern boundary of Shaughnessy on Wolfe Avenue and down onto 19th Avenue for about a kilometre and a half before heading south on Ontario to 30th and back to Main to close out the loop. Owwoooooo!!!

Teen Wolfe 10k
Starting at 32nd Ave, go SOUTH on Main St — RIGHT on 33rd Ave > Midlothian Ave > 29th Ave — RIGHT on Heather St — LEFT on 28th Ave > Nanton Ave — RIGHT on Angus Dr — LEFT on Matthews Ave — RIGHT on Cypress St — RIGHT on 17th Ave > Cedar Cres — LEFT on Fir — RIGHT on 16th Ave — slight LEFT on Marpole Ave to 15th Ave — slight RIGHT on Wolfe Ave — slight LEFT on Douglas Cres (** crosswalk is on NORTH side of Douglas at Oak St **) > 19th Ave — RIGHT on Ontario St — LEFT on 30th Ave — RIGHT on Main Street to 32nd Ave