Happy Birthday to Yu

It's no coincidence that Alan Yu's 40th birthday is also Global Running Day.

Happy Birthday to Yu
It seems only fitting that our friend Alan Yu’s 40th birthday on June 5, 2019 coincides with Global Running Day and we have three route options to celebrate.

The main route (described in the turn-by-turn narrative below) is a loop starting and ending at Distance Runwear at Main Street and 32nd Avenue. All routes start by heading south to 40th Avenue and then heading northwest along Ontario and 33rd/Midlothian to Yukon Street before heading east on 8th Avenue for a celebratory beer.

The 10k loop follows St George Street from 7th Avenue back to the store. The other two versions of the route split off from the main route on 8th Avenue to zig-zag their way from brewery to brewery on either side of Main Street north of Broadway to end at the Global Running Day celebration at Concord Community Park or one of the many brewery options like Red Truck.

Happy birthday Alan Yu!

Happy Birthday to Yu 10k
START at Main and 32nd Ave — EAST on 32nd — RIGHT on Prince Edward St — RIGHT on 40th Ave — RIGHT on Main — LEFT on 39th Ave at crosswalk — RIGHT on Ontario St — LEFT on 33rd Ave > Midlothian — RIGHT on Yukon St — dogleg LEFT at King Edward Ave to continue on Yukon— dogleg LEFT at 16th Ave to continue on Yukon — RIGHT on 8th Ave — RIGHT at Main to cross Main and Kingsway — LEFT on far side of Kingsway — RIGHT on 7th Ave — follow the north edge of Dude Chilling (Guelph) Park and through the gravel school yard — RIGHT on St George St — cross Kingsway and go LEFT around the building to 15th Ave — RIGHT on 15th — LEFT on St George — at 22nd Ave continue STRAIGHT on path through Tupper Secondary to 24th to rejoin St George — RIGHT on 31st Ave — dogleg LEFT at Prince Edward to 32nd back to Main