Camosun Camosun 29k

Camosun Camosun, the hill so nice you'll want to run it twice.

Camosun Camosun 29k mapThe Camosun Street hill is the big climb on the BMO Vancouver Marathon course. Averaging a 4-5% grade over a little more than 1.2 kilometres, it takes some practice to master and since it’s tucked along the eastern edge of Pacific Spirit Park, it’s also a little remote. So, if you’re going to head all the way out there, it only makes sense to make the most of your time and run Camosun more than once. Camosun Camosun: the hill so nice you’ll want to run it twice.

Camosun hill elevation

The real keeners in the crowd will have noticed that the Camosun-29th-Dunbar-41st loop is almost 4 kilometres, so if two shots at Camosun aren’t enough, have at it again and again until your legs fall off.

Turn-by-Turn Directions
EAST on 7th Ave — RIGHT on Ontario — RIGHT on 33rd Ave > Midlothian Ave > 29th Ave — LEFT on Cambie — RIGHT on 49th — merge RIGHT onto SW Marine Dr — cross to north side of 41st Ave and turn LEFT on 41st and then RIGHT on Camosun St — RIGHT on 29th Ave — RIGHT on Dunbar — RIGHT on 41st Ave — RIGHT on Camosun — LEFT on 29th Ave > Imperial St — LEFT on 16th — RIGHT on Blanca — RIGHT on 8th Ave — LEFT on Yew — RIGHT on 7th back to Cambie

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