Waffle Break 27K

Did somebody say waffles?
This run combines road, trails and breakfast with an à la carte menu of distance options from 22k to almost 30k.

Waffle Break 27k map
I was putting together a nice, relaxing route through the trails in Pacific Spirit Park when I got the invitation to bring the marathon clinic to the Denman Running Room this weekend for waffles. Waffles? Waffles! It seems the local representative for a shoe company which *doesn’t* have a long and storied history involving a waffle iron will be cooking up waffles and I am not one to resist the lure of free food so I revised the route to include a detour to the West End for a mid-run Waffle Break!

Turn-by-Turn Directions
WEST on 7th Ave — LEFT on Heather — RIGHT on 37th Ave — enter St. George’s Trail at 37th & Camosun St — LEFT on Sasamat — LEFT on Hemlock — LEFT on Imperial — RIGHT on Hemlock — RIGHT on Huckleberry — LEFT on Deer Fern — LEFT on Nature — RIGHT on Cleveland — LEFT on Sherry Sakamoto — Cross 16th Avenue to park office parking lot — continue on Cleveland — RIGHT on Lily of the Valley, taking left fork at each intersection — LEFT on Blanca St — RIGHT on 8th — LEFT on Cypress — RIGHT on Cornwall — LEFT onto Burrard Bridge — LEFT off bridge onto Pacific which becomes Beach — RIGHT on Denman to Georgia — WAFFLE BREAK — turnaround and go SOUTH on Denman — LEFT on Alberni — RIGHT on Thurlow — LEFT on Nelson — take west deck of Cambie Bridge (side next to southbound traffic) — RIGHT on off-ramp to 6th Ave — cross 6th and go LEFT to Cambie & 7th

Option 1 (shorten total distance by 2k) at Imperial & 16th Ave, cross 16th and continue straight on Discovery — RIGHT on 8th

Option 2 (shorten total distance by 3k) after crossing Burrard Bridge, take stairs and path down to Beach Ave — LEFT on Beach and go straight to False Creek Seawall path on the southwest side of David Lam Park — LEFT on Seawall path — at as you reach the park under the Cambie Bridge veer LEFT toward Marinaside and toward the concrete spiral on-ramp to cross the Cambie Bridge back to 7th Ave

Option 3 (2.5k add-on) stay on northeast side of Nelson St — take Nelson and cross Pacific Ave UNDER the Cambie Bridge off-ramp — turn LEFT on sidewalk on far side of the offramp — follow Pacific around to Quebec and continue to Science World — RIGHT at Terminal Ave toward Seawall path — LEFT on Seawall path — LEFT at Olympic Village onto Ontario St — RIGHT on Broadway — RIGHT on Yukon St — LEFT on 7th Ave


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