Keeping The Show On The Road

Greg Burnham and I are keeping the band on the road with the spring 2017 marathon clinic at the Cambie Running Room. It promises to be another 18 weeks of non-stop fun. Sign up today!

Hey Kids! Based on the success of our Fall clinic, Greg Burnham and I are coming back to to lead the upcoming spring marathon clinic at the Cambie Running Room targeting the 2017 BMO Vancouver Marathon. As with the previous clinic, clinic nights are Tuesdays starting January 3 and will run to Vancouver Marathon race day on Sunday May 7.

The program is geared toward Vancouver, but we’ll have route distance variations to accommodate runners training for Boston on April 17. Vancouver and Boston are both net-downhill courses so you can bet we’ll be running down a lot of hills over the 18 weeks of the clinic, and since we can’t take you to Boston, we’ll be sure to cover the Vancouver Marathon course so many times you’ll see it, smell it and taste it in your sleep. How fun is that? Spoiler alert: the course smells and tastes like victory.

Cambie Running Room veterans from our past clinics will be leading the pace groups to keep you on course and to regale you with tales from their own marathon experiences. Greg and I promise to continue the trend of coming up with interesting and challenging routes with names and maps and we’ll aim for another big destination run to celebrate all your hard work.

How could you not want in on this action? Sign up today!

Check out the results from the Fall clinic here.

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