Farewell Broadway Running Room

We bid a fond farewell to the Broadway Running Room with one last Run Club out of the 1578 Broadway store on Sunday, January 4, 2015.

Farewell Broadway Run map

With the opening of Running Rooms on Cambie Street in 2011 and West 4th in 2013, we have known for years that the days of the Running Room on Broadway were numbered. Still, it was shocking to hear last weekend that the number was suddenly down to single digits. With one last Run Club scheduled for tomorrow, we plan to celebrate the old store at 1578 West Broadway with a number of routes of various distances from 5k and 10k runs that visit the two closest Running Rooms to the full Farewell Tour 28.5k run that hits all four remaining Vancouver stores as well as the previous locations at City Square Mall and on Alma Street near West 4th Avenue.

Broadway Running Room Farewell Tour 28.5k
North on Fir – L on 1st Avenue – R on Burrard and across bridge on west sidewalk – L onto Pacific – continue on Beach after merge with Pacific – R on Chilco – R on Alberni – L on Denman to the Denman Running Room – South on Denman – L on Beach – take Beach R at fork with Pacific – L on Richards – R on Pacific – up pedestrian ramp on East side of Cambie Bridge – South on Cambie – cross at 7th to the Cambie Running Room – continue south on Cambie – R on 10th – L on Ash past west entrance of City Square (the City Square Running Room occupied the space just inside the doors where the liquor store is now) – R on 12th – L on Hemlock – R at 15th Avenue and follow Wolfe/Marpole to 16th Avenue and Granville – West on 16th to UBC – if you know the little path to Berton, take it and then R on Berton to Wesbrook or follow 16th to Wesbrook Mall and turn L to the UBC Running Room – cross to North side of 16th Avenue and go R on path – L on Blanca – R on 8th Avenue – L on Alma past former location of the Alma Running Room on west side of the street between 5th and 4th Avenues – R on 4th Avenue to the West 4th Running Room on the south side just before Arbutus – R on Arbutus – L on 7th Avenue – R on Fir one last time

The 10k route visits both the Cambie and West 4th locations and can easily be split into a 5k to one or the other stores. I’m not playing favourites here, so I’ll let you choose your own. 😉