Separated At Birth: Animal Mountain Athletics

The overlapping-letters-as-mountains/upside-down-Volkswagen logo category just got a whole lot more crowded.

Animal Athletics
Mountain Athletics

Note to self: stay away from the overlapping-letters-as-mountains/upside-down-Volkswagen logo concepts for a while, especially for clients promoting anything athletic. That category just got a whole lot more crowded with the introduction of The North Face’s new Mountain Athletics training program.

As far as I can tell, no animals were harmed in the making of their logo, except maybe for the homosapiens at Animal Athletics who surely must have had their noses bent at least a little out of shape.

Hey… remember that post about the Rocky Mountain Bicycles and Rogue Valley Runners logos?

UPDATE — Yep, the good folks at Animal Athletics — who have had their logo since 2012 — are not at all impressed by The North Face’s shiny new logo and their attempts to explain their displeasure seem to have fallen on deaf ears at TNF HQ. Read more on the Animal Athletics blog.

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