Dave Ventura: Foot Detective

Scott Jurek's feet are always a glimpse into the future... but what are THOSE?!?

As the face — and feet — of trail running for Brooks Sports, Scott Jurek is the company’s guinea pig for the latest and greatest ideas to come out of Bothell.

Yesterday Scott ran the Ponderous Posterior Pikes Peak 50k, a Fat Ass race in Colorado Springs, and posed for this pre-race photo wearing some interesting new shoes. A new Green Silence or some other new minimalist offering from Brooks? Wait, do I see lugs on the soles of those shoes in this shot from Tony Krupicka’s race report.

And in case you want to read a little more about that little 50k, check out these race reports from Tony Krupicka and Scott Jaime.

UPDATE – Turns out those were PureGrits, the off-road offering from Brooks Pure series of minimalist shoes. Mystery solved.

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