Broadway Does Beantown 2011

Five of Broadway's best run the 115th Boston Marathon!

Brian Payton, Alyson Schmidt, Andrea Malo, Alan Yu in Boston. (photo courtesy Andrea Malo)
There’s plenty of excitement here at Broadway Run Club headquarters as five of my clinic members hit Hopkinton tomorrow morning for their first runs at the Boston Marathon. Go Andrea, Alyson, Christina, Brian and Alan!!


Halfway splits and finishing times from the 115th Boston Marathon:

Alan Yu 1:29:52 3:03:40
Alyson Schmidt 1:42:31 3:16:22
Christina Osler 1:38:05 3:20:58
Andrea Malo 1:46:05 3:47:17
Brian Payton 1:34:28 DNF

I got an email from Brian Payton’s wife saying Brian tripped and went down hard after Heartbreak Hill. He was taken to hospital for stitches on his nose. At the time Brian was on 3:13 pace, having hit 35k in 2:40:09. He has vowed to return next year, hopefully as handsome as ever.

Interesting fun fact: My 3:05:02 at my first Boston Marathon was good enough for 969th place overall. Alan’s 3:03:40 only landed him 1933rd. Have marathoners improved that much? Was it the tailwind? Whatever it is, it’s great to see!

Congratulations to all and best wishes for a speedy recovery!


From the man himself on Twitter:

@bapayton My Boston: 23 glorious miles, 13 stitches, 4 hours in hospital, 1 chipped tooth. Now, it’s Miller Time.
Mon Apr 18 2011 via Twitter for iPhone

He clearly hit his head hard. Miller? Dude, you’re in Boston, not Milwaukee!


Brian made the prestigious forum! In the April 20th thread entitled Boston Hospitalizations, the fifth poster, Mr. Tactful, asks if anyone saw “the guy laying on the 22-mile marker with a bloodied face?” (Brian’s Garmin said 23 miles, but who’s counting?) Mr. Tactful adds, “He was passed out on his back, but had obviously landed on his face.” Yee. Ouch.


  1. Congratulations to all and to Brian – my heart goes out to you! Rest, recover and there is no question you’ll be back there next year to kick some butt.

  2. Thanks Leslie! Word from Brian’s wife was that he tripped “on or about kilometre 38 or 39 and face planted pretty badly. They whisked him off the course immediately, into an ambulance and off to the hospital to have his nose stitched up.” He didn’t remember tripping.

    We’re also not sure, as of about 5pm Boston time, where he is. I’ll try and keep everyone posted.

  3. Alan talked to Brian about 6pm Boston time and said: “he’s about to leave the hospital and is in good spirits. Apparently he has quite a story to tell!”

    I wonder if that story will begin, “He emerges as if from a shallow, anxious dream…”

  4. Good News! So glad to hear that Brian is in good spirits – hope it isn’t just the Oxy doing the talking!!

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