Cory’s 600s

Check out this quick workout from Seattle endurance athlete and coach, Matt Hart.

Seattle endurance athlete and coach, Matt Hart, has a simple but challenging workout he calls Cory’s 600s. The aim is to do five rounds of twenty repetitions of six different exercises with no rest between rounds (5 rounds x 20 reps x 6 exercises = 600. Could it be any simpler than that?)

The full 600 might seem like a lot to tackle on the first attempt and I must admit to starting at Cory’s 240 and stepping up an extra round with each subsequent workout. The key is to maintain form and keep the reps consistent, and the whole workout should take less than half an hour to complete… though I won’t say how quickly I got through it tonight ‘cuz I’m kind of thinking I overdid it.

Check out the video and go to Matt’s Blog for more info.

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