Fleming-Queen E Figure-8 10k

The Fleming-Queen E Figure-8 is a moderately-rolling 10k route that will leave you shaken not stirred.

Fleming-QueenE Figure-8 10k map
Full disclosure: Fleming Street in Vancouver was named after John Fleming, a contractor whose family owned land near Trout Lake over a century ago, and not after Ian Fleming, the English author who created the James Bond character.

The Fleming-Queen E Figure-8 is a moderately-rolling 10-kilometre route that will leave you shaken not stirred. From Runwear with love, the opening loop of the figure-8 route follows the Prince Edward and 45th Avenue bike routes to Fleming before jumping back onto the Ridgeway Midtown bike route on 37th.

The closing loop of the figure-8 follows 37th up the hill and into Queen Elizabeth Park and around the inner park ring road and shooting you out onto 33rd Avenue. There are Strava segments galore so keep your goldeneyes open and you’ll never have to say never again.

PLEASE NOTE: As of April 5, City crews are still working on pipe upgrades on Prince Albert Street around 37th Avenue so take care not to fall into a giant hole.

Fleming – Queen Elizabeth Figure-8 10k
START at Main St — EAST on 32nd Ave — RIGHT on Prince Edward St — LEFT on 45th Ave — RIGHT on Inverness — LEFT on 47th Ave — RIGHT on Lanark St — LEFT on 47th — LEFT on Fleming St — LEFT on 37th Ave — LEFT on Culloden — RIGHT on 37th — RIGHT on far side of Fraser St — LEFT on bike route path which becomes 37th — at top of hill on south side of Queen Elizabeth Park, RIGHT on road to enter the park — LEFT into the parking lot and follow the ring road inside the park and stay left to exit park EAST on 33rd Ave — LEFT on Main back to 32nd