Cambie Marathon & Half Marathon Clinic Results Fall 2017

The Fall 2017 Cambie Running Room full and half marathon clinics take on Chicago, Berlin, Long Beach, Okanagan, Victoria, NYC and Tunnel Vision Marathons.

In the third edition of our Cambie Running Room clinic, Greg and I had the privilege of leading both full and half marathon clinic members in a big group hug of high-spirited, Kumbaya-singing, limit-pushing distance running love. Here’s how everyone did in Chicago, Berlin, Long Beach, Kelowna, Victoria, NYC and running through tunnels in Washington State.

Greatest Marathon Clinic Ever™: Fall 2017

Tunnel Vision Marathon Aug 20
Mina Myong 3:37:26
Berlin Marathon Sep 24
Nigel Reading 3:54:08
Judy Nakashima 3:55:34
Chicago Marathon Oct 8
Jennifer Mather 3:36:41
Long Beach Marathon Oct 8
Dana Hangai 4:10:19
Okanagan Marathon Oct 8
David Papineau 3:14:14
Sophie Diamonds 5:20:39
Okanagan Half Marathon Oct 8
Katie Fedosenko 1:42:33
John Carmichael 1:43:13
Harvey Bosma 1:51:22
Sheela McLean 2:21:36
Victoria Marathon Oct 8
Alan Yu 3:15:42
Greg Burnham 3:48:23
Lauren Kratzer 3:53:12
Wade Clinton 3:54:44
Graham Paul 4:05:12
Fariborz Sharif 4:08:31
Hellal Jawhari 5:22:09
Victoria Half Marathon Oct 8
Shelley Oliver 1:56:39
NYC Marathon Nov 5
Christine Pahal 4:41:42

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