Cambie Kumbaya 19k

Come on people now. Smile on your brother. Everybody get together and run the Kumbaya 19k right now. Oh, wait, I think that's the wrong song.

Cambie Kumbaya 19k map

The world could use some more peace and harmony, so join hands with your fellow runners and embark on the Kumbaya 19k from the Cambie Running Room. The Kumbaya 19k brings runners together along roads, paths and trails in the middle of Vancouver. Following four major bike routes, the Kumbaya 19k teaches runners how to co-exist with cyclists as well as the occasional motorist who openly questions what is so wrong with the sidewalks on 57th Avenue that you insist on running the road instead.

Turn-by-Turn Instructions
WEST on 7th Ave — LEFT on Arbutus Greenway path — LEFT on 57th Ave — cross Cambie and take path RIGHT onto Langara Golf Course trail — follow the southern and eastern section of trail and exit northbound onto Ontario Street around 51st Ave — LEFT at 33rd Ave — LEFT onto road into Queen E Park and follow first fork LEFT to the lookout at the top — turn around and follow the same way back to 33rd and Ontario — LEFT on Ontario — LEFT on 7th back to Cambie