Whistler Alpine Meadows 50

The Coast Mountain Trail Series guys have launched an epic new 50k race in Whistler and that means it's logo time!

Whistler Alpine Meadows 50

Gary Robbins and Geoff Langford, the brains behind the Vancouver trail race promotion company Ridgeline Events, just announced the newest event in their Coast Mountain Trail Series, the Whistler Alpine Meadows 50.

I’m the lucky guy who gets to design all the Coast Mountain race logos and I saw the WAM50 as a chance to do something a little different from my other CMTS logos, especially considering Whistler is a new location for the Coast Mountain series (yes, yes, the historic Rubble Creek 25 was part of the series in past years, but it wasn’t actually put on by Ridgeline) and that the WAM50 is Ridgeline’s first race since the Squamish 50 that was conceived as an ultra (Buckin’ Hell’s 50k was added to the event last year and yes, you should register for it right now!)

I’ve been looking for an excuse to use the slanted alternate characters of Avant Garde Gothic lately and in my head the sloping lines of the initials WAM looked like mountains.

The WAM50’s mountain icon was made up of an overlapping W for Whistler and M for Meadows and I figured the mountains they combined to form made the inclusion of an A for Alpine redundant, so I didn’t feel the need to squeeze one in. Or maybe I argued that at least one of the intersecting peaks represented the A. I can’t remember. 😉 The reddish-orange colour comes from the Indian Paintbrush flowers found in the Whistler alpine and one of the other images Gary had in mind for the race logo during our preliminary discussions.

The WAM50 is set to debut on September 24 and features a 50k trail race with 3,350 metres or 11,000 feet of gain and a 25k with 1,300 metres or 4500 feet through some beautiful Whistler alpine trails. I’m feeling faint just typing all those zeroes.

Check out Whistler Alpine Meadows on the Coast Mountain Trail Series website for more information and to register starting Wednesday, June 22. Register now!

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