Meet Your 3:15 Pace Bunny

Hey Calgary Marathoners! Meet your 3:15 pace bunny!

2008 Calgary Half Marathon

David Papineau

Marathon PB: 2:44:55 (Vancouver 2009)

Previous Marathons: 24

Previous Calgary Marathon: 3:04:40 (2006)

Previous Calgary Half Marathon: 1:21:46 (2008)

Pace Bunny Marathons: 2

Most Recent Pace Bunny Race: Vancouver (3:45)

Most Recent Pace Bunny Finish Time: 3:44:11

Pace Bunny Motto: Run smart and finish strong.

Pace Bunny Plan: I like consistency, so ideally, I’ll be aiming to run even first- and second-half splits. We won’t be doing walk breaks, so I’ll be running around 4:37 per kilometre or 7:26 per mile pace. Stick with me the whole race and you’ll get in under 3:15. Feel free to spend time running with me en route to — or on your way back from — something more adventurous. Just look for the bunny ears and you’ll know you’re on 3:15 pace. I’ll be there for you.

I can offer moral support, bore you with stories about my previous running experiences and even suggest when it’s time to take a gel, but ultimately finishing the marathon is up to you.

If you find yourself struggling and unsure of whether you can keep going, ask me to tell you about Western States.

I live in Vancouver so I won’t claim expert knowledge of the course (although Google Earth has been a great help). There are a few similar stretches but the current course is largely different from the previous Calgary Marathon I ran in 2006, so I may stop at the occasional gas station to ask for directions. Just kidding. I’ll carry a map. I am coming from sea level though, so I may stop to catch my breath. Again, just kidding.

Why Pace Bunny?: It sounds like a total cliché but it’s a chance to give back. I’ve had some unforgettable running experiences and I’m at the stage in life where I get as much satisfaction helping other people achieve their running goals.

Why Pace Bunny Calgary?: It’s an honour to be a part of the oldest continually-running marathon in Canada. I was born in Calgary and don’t get a chance to visit my sister and her family often enough (and by that I mean I don’t get a chance to flyfish the Bow often enough — shhh!! Don’t tell her I said that.)

Pace Bunny Scouting Report: I have a tendency to finish slightly ahead of schedule.

Other Pacing Experience: If you’ve got some free time, let me tell you about Fat Dog.

Alberta Sports History Fun Fact: I captained the Alberta Junior rugby team to a bronze medal at the 1987 Canadian Championships in St. John’s, NF.

Tip for First-Time Marathoners: Remember why you’re running. Think about everyone who helped you get there: family, friends, coworkers. Think of everyone who has offered supportive words and even those who doubted you could do it. Positive or negative, feed off those vibes!


I was a little nervous flying into Calgary amidst a miserable storm but we had fantastic conditions for race day: cool to start, sunny, almost no wind. I had a great time running with some great people and finished in 3:14:03. Thanks Calgary!